From the heart of Mexico   /   Kortárs alkotók Mexikóból
2015.07.10. – 2015.07.31.

Kiállító művészek / Exhibiting artists:  Alejandra Sandoval, Armando Martinez, Daniela Jauregui, Gilberto Delgado Garcia, Giovani Avashadur, Jorge Gonzalez Velazquez, Lilia Pérez Martinez, Nancy Almazan, Renato González Gónzález, Rosendo Vega, Sandra Serrano, Stano Cerny

Kurátorok / Curators: Daniela JAUREGUI, ERŐSS István
Megnyitó / Opening: 2015. július 10. / 10 July 2015 (péntek / Friday) • 19:00 / 7 p.m.
Megnyitja / Opening speech by: ERŐSS István képzőművész / visual artist
Megtekinthető / On view: 2015. július 31-ig / till 31st of July 2015, szerdán, csütörtökön és pénteken 14:00-18:00 / Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 2 p.m.- 6 p.m.(vagy egyeztetés alapján / or by appointment)


A Szegmens cserekiállítás-sorozat magyar és nemzetközi művészeinek bemutatását tűzte ki céljául. A Szegmens gyökerei egy művésztelep 10 éves tevékenységéhez nyúlnak vissza, melyet a magyar Túlsó P’Art művészcsoport szervezett. Ezekre a művésztelepekre rendszeresen hívtunk meg távol-keleti képzőművészeket, így volt szerencsénk képet kapni a távol-keleti kortárs képzőművészeti életről, az európai szemmel nézve nagyon gazdag és változatos képzőművészeti törekvésekről. Erre az évek alatt kiépített kapcsolatrendszerre alapozva születetett meg a cserekiállítás-sorozat ötlete, amelyet már több alkalommal sikerült megrendezni. / Erős István


The Mexican culture is and has been an important part of the artistic influences of the country. Artists of international importance since the early 20’s have been the impetus that Mexico has needed to position themselves in the art scene in the world. This has been a great influence on the contemporary art of Mexico today and the strengthening of national identity. Throughout the length and breadth of the country were released groups and artistic movements that have driven the cultural aspect of its citizens. Tradition and
folklore are important points of Mexican culture and it turns in a crucial part in themes that have served as a resource for artists and art procreative.

The project “From the Heart of Mexico” aims to present contemporary art produced from a social and cultural perspective in which artists from different states of the Mexican Republic were organized for that sample.

The exhibition consists of 40 paintings where different perspectives come to light with various forms of expression. Within the exibition included a section for the theme “Day of the Dead” which from its origins until today is and has been an established culture and worldview of the Mexican people festival, this section includes a series of jobs converge at the same point “life and death”.

This proposal comes as a complementary part of the Hungarian project “SEGMENT VIII” organized by visual artists in Hungary for a contemporary art show in Mexican territory in 2011, where the Gallery of Contemporary Art AMARTE the Riviera Maya hosted of the event.
Over seven years, the particularity of the sample in SEGMENT is that their events are the result not of an institutionalized system of connections, but if the initiative and activity of the organization of individual artists who have a genuine interest in other cultures and are also able to act in order to learn and become familiar with them. It is an important aspect of the organization, the sample SEGMENT takes place between countries who know very little about each other’s culture and life of contemporary art.
Therefore, we have tried to present the selections that represent the most important trends in contemporary art in each country, both from the conceptual to the technical point of view. On the other hand, this is what justifies, given the opportunity to produce Symposums, and cultural exchanges. Thus, the exhibition “From the Heart of Mexico” is the conclusion of this exchange initiated in 2011, and is now the opportunity to expose proudly Mexican artists representative of contemporary art in Mexico. / Daniela Jauregui


Támogatók  / Supported by: Nemzeti Kulturális Alap / National Cultural Fund of Hungary ▪ Mexikói Nagykövetség / Mexican Embassy

MAMŰ Galéria / Gallery ▪ ▪ ▪ mobile:+36 30 574 7054 Cím / Address: H–1071 Budapest, Damjanich u. 39. (bejárat a Murányi utcából / entrance from Murányi street) Nyitva / Open: Sze-P / Wen-Fri: 14:00-18:00 / 2-6 p.m. (vagy egyeztetés alapján / or by appointment)

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Fotók / Photos: Fátrai László